Vita Novus Reviews

About the recent Vita Novus Retraction Statement

The Vita Novus Treatment Center has been the subject of a smear campaign that stemmed from a dispute between the center and a past service provider. As a result, the owner of the service provider company, which can not be named due to legal proceedings, spent the past two years posting negative reviews and slanderous comments about the Vita Novus facility and the staff. Because we are proud of the quality of care we provide we want people to be aware. Fortunately, after great cost in legal expenses we were able to get the individual involved who was the root of the bogus reviews and complaints to agree to stop their actions and begin the clean up process of removing the negative Vita Novus reviews. Please click the following to see the Vita-Novus-Retraction-Statement.

Vita Novus Reviews…. the truth!