Vita Novus Reviews

The addiction treatment center has 65-70% success rate at helping those suffering with addictions to become clean and sober and is the only facility in Canada to offer a guarantee. However, with this said those who relapse often seek a source to blame that is outside of themselves. We try to help these people and offer this site as a means for them to contact us by providing their Vita Novus reviews. This feedback helps us improve. Our goal is for 100% success.

We are proud to claim the following:
- one of the highest success rates in the country, and lowest in relapse.
- only facility in Canada to offer a guarantee.
- one of the only facilities in Canada that treats Methadone addiction.
- immediate availability to treatment, financial assistance, and recovery.
- a private property that is secure, personal, and proven effective.
- holistic services; massage therapy, reiki, and other effective treatments.
- only facility in Canada to offer a family program live online so that
- families can also recover no matter where in the world they are.

Our unique resort like setting offers the perfect setting for our services. With over 100 acres of complete serenity in picturesque Muskoka our center includes trails, fishing, canoeing, lounges, private rooms, meeting halls, gym facilities, indoor pool, hot tub and so much more. There is no other center like us!

Vita Novus Reviews…. the truth!